Parent Winners

Dr. Silcher & his staff are aware that many of you have wanted to improve your smile through orthodontic treatment but have put your children’s needs above yours. Improving your child’s appearance and self-esteem has been your priority.

Dr. Silcher would like to give an interested parent (mother or father) the gift of an improved smile. One lucky parent will be drawn every six months to receive FREE comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Sign up at the front counter in our offices if interested.

The following are letters from some of the past winners.

Winner: Michael Hayes

Dr. Silcher,
I am writing to enthusiastically thank you for your free orthodontic program for parents. I was one of last year’s recipients of your random annual drawing. I was surprised to learn that you provide such a generous program to two parents of your patients each year. You had already earned my trust because of the beautiful smiles you provided two of my teenage daughters, so I was very excited when I learned I had won the drawing.

I also cannot say enough about your friendly and courteous office staff and assistants. I truly believe you have the nicest and most professional staff I have ever encountered. Thank you again, Dr. Silcher, and if I can ever recommend your services to anyone, I would not hesitate to do so.

Michael L. Hayes

Winner: Trina Peters

When I won my braces from Dr. Silcher, I was apprehensive due to having a serious gum problem. The decision to move forward was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Of all of the benefits, two stand out. I smile so much more and I am more confident in doing so. I never could have imagined what a difference my braces would make in my life; the results are overwhelming!

My experience as a whole is definitely one I would recommend to anyone considering getting braces. My smile is bigger, brighter, straighter and seen more often. Thanks to Dr. Silcher and his friendly, courteous office personnel.

Thank you,
Trina Peters

Winner: Maureen Castillo

I am writing this note as a VERY LARGE THANK YOU to Dr. Silcher and his staff!! I had never been happy with my smile, growing up or as an adult, but always knew that I could not afford to have braces. I had teeth that were not straight, thus I did not have very good self-confidence or esteem in how I looked. I am here to tell you that my outlook on my smile and my confidence has been forever changed by Dr. Silcher.

My daughter was being treated with braces and one day I saw a container on the counter at Dr. Silcher’s office stating he was “giving away” a set of free braces to any parent of a child he was already treating. I am thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me!” No, it was true!! I put my name in, thinking that there was a slim chance I would win, but what the heck! The drawing day finally came. I got home in the afternoon and there was a message from Staci at Dr. Silcher’s office. Believe it or not, I was the very first WINNER of this contest! I was grinning from ear to ear and could not wait to spread the news!!

Well, I have been so happy and proud ever since!! This is an extremely valuable gift that will never be taken for granted and never forgotten and I owe it all to Dr. Silcher. He is an amazing orthodontist who is the most thoughtful, giving person for offering this to those who would not normally do such a thing for themselves…our kids always come first!

Thank you, Dr. Silcher, SO MUCH!!! You have the GREATEST staff on earth…your gals are always so polite and refreshing!!

Maureen Castillo, Florence, MT

Winner: Verona Stromberg

Dear Dr. Silcher:
As a winner of your contest, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have FREE orthodontic treatment. The care and treatment I received from you and your staff was exceptional. Everyone was always very friendly and made me feel comfortable, and I never hesitated to ask any questions during my treatment. Not only did orthodontic treatment improve my smile, I now smile with more confidence. More importantly, it improved the overall health of my gums since my teeth are no longer crowded and flossing is much easier than before treatment.

Thank you again. I enjoyed being your patient and I’m proud to show off my new smile.

Verona Stromberg

Winner: Lisa Ancell

Dear Dr. Silcher
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful staff for all you’ve done for my smile! Although my teeth weren’t noticeably horrible, my teeth (specifically my molars) have definitely benefited from the expertise of you and your office.

As you know, I am one of the past winners of your “parent drawings” (December 2008 to be exact) and I must tell you that without this program there is no way I would have been able to get the orthodontic work my teeth needed. Unfortunately, the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve noticed the need for the orthodontic work I didn’t have done as a teenager. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to have braces and get some things “straightened out”.

After watching my own teenage daughter go through the process, I must say I had concerns about the discomfort I would experience. I now have proof that teenagers really are just a bunch of whiners. Other than the initial appointments to have the braces put on, the process has been surprisingly pain-free.

I’ve also had to make some minor changes in food choices, but I’ve found that I can still eat pretty much whatever I want. This is unfortunate because I was really hoping this would be the miracle weight-loss program we all seem to be looking for. Dang! Looks like exercise and watching what I eat really is the only thing that will work.

I look forward to having my braces off in a few more months and the smile that will be left behind!

Thanks again to you and your staff!
Lisa Ancell